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Picture of Namik Gulsun

What inspired you to write this book?

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky…! I read his book “IDIOT” and I was amazed by the power of the words. He used them so brilliantly that, he could paint the perfect picture of any emotion, object, thought or situation. Today we have photos, videos, high definition screens, 3D even 4D visual capabilities, but still cannot beat the sense of reality he created with a simple pen and paper.

And of course there was this insane urge to write almost in the level of hypergraphia and the irresistible temptation of telling a story backed by the belief that it will touch people on different levels.

Can you summarize your book for us?

This is a modern day legend about a hero who has very mystical historical roots and natural extraordinary potential, which makes him to be recognized by a worldwide organization seeking for special kids and providing them unique environment with every resource. In their guidance, these kids grow up realizing their potential and become the best versions of themselves.

So the hero “Khan Hun” grows up under the wings of this organization attending to high school in Istanbul and a college in London which are run buy them and then join the organization in the highest level to finally fulfill his destiny. His journey through childhood and young adulthood to become a special young man is full of adventures, amazing experiences, human emotions, demonstration of superior and advanced human skills through tireless persistence, self improvement, faith, wisdom, and of course LOVE.

What is the overall theme of your book?

It is an adventure through romance and human qualities and flaws. It is about embracing who we are, but also never giving up and heading towards a better future with pursuing hope.

Where does this book take place?

The story starts in a modern city, which has thousands of years of history; then moves to Istanbul in high school and finally permanent location is London. Having said that, the global nature of the organization leads the hero to many cities at many times to meet many cultures and individuals which give the story its truly international character.

Where does this book take place?

Main characters are Khan and Sheena. They are the main hero and heroine. The never ending pursuit of excellence of very talented extraordinary souls through their love to each other and their experiences engaging the world around them, sometimes together, sometimes on their own, are the key elements of the story.

Why do you think that this book will appeal to readers?

First, because it is a journey which will disconnect them from their lives and take them to another dimension where they will witness the power of romance and “what it means to be human…” It has all the magnetic elements of a legend which never ceases to impress, surprise, messing up with their pulse. Second, It is about love, hope, wisdom and faith which make it an excellent alternative to many one dimensional story. Actually it does not invent the wheel again; it is just a fantastic wheel itself.

How is your book relevant in today’s society?

The story is contemporary and many of its aspects will be familiar to many readers, especially young adults. It is holding a mirror to the face of many fronts of modern society, questioning and responding to its discussions and conflicts. For example it is not afraid to talk about real politics as much as it speaks about the fate and spiritual heights.

What makes your book different from other books like it?

I guess for one thing it has a lot of reference to Anatolia. This land of civilizations is not brought to the attention of global readers enough as a part of a thriller fiction work. Also it touches many cultures living on many territories.

Second, there is a lot of accent to “wisdom”. Because, love, hope and faith always been the main pillars of human stories. Recently knowledge and science made their way in too. But wisdom, [which is one of the most important of all] is ignored. I want to point out that everything we do becomes useful with wisdom .

What do you want readers to take away from your writing?

Of course JOY…!! If they enjoy reading as much I did writing; then mission accomplished..! Everybody will take what they want. But I am sure if they connect at any level to the story; then the story will leave them fantastic images of a legend, a lot of smiles, and of course LOVE… That would be priceless…!!!“

Remember, “Whatever is the question, Love is the answer..!!”

How did you come up with the story?

It might sound a little weird but the whole story showed up in my mind like a streamline of images one evening, six years ago. It sure has changed during these six years while writing in countless stages; but I owe the 90 % of the story to that August evening, while I was driving home, extremely tired, frustrated for something, angry to someone and questioning my life in its entirety. Since that day I was drawing those images on the paper with words.

Lastly, would you share with us a short passage ?

Well it is hard to pick but maybe the letter in Chapter IV

Chapter IV – Boy to Man

Letter of Gian Andrea to Khan

My Dear Brother Khan;

I know it is “old fashioned”, even “lame” to write a letter in 2021 for our society. But to hell with the society, I am dead and I do not give a damn to what they say. In fact I am the ghost spokesman for “dare to be lame . . . !”. You cannot believe how liberating even the idea of dying is, let alone the ecstasy of the act itself . . . ! Obviously if you are reading this, it means that I am painting in heaven (or some very nasty things happening to me with the painting supplies in hell). I have learnt so much from you, man and you have in a way saved my life. It may sound weird for a dead man but of course you understand that this was when I was alive.

Really, if I had not met you, I would not have felt the self-found “peace”. You know, we are born into a kind of peace in our family and our environment (of course if we are lucky) at the beginning of our life and then we seek our own. This is like a quest after “utopia” the magical land where everything “makes sense”. Until you reach that place, everything is questionable and open to discussion and judgement by the most serious and non-tolerant judge of all, “ourselves”. Honestly speaking, before I met you, I was feeling that I was losing that struggle and my quest was leading nowhere. My war with myself was the hardest and I was a merciless enemy to myself. But starting to see the world the way you made me see, it “made sense”, for the first time. I always knew that it required a “complete” human being to keep the belief of an eternal “utopia”. But I never believed that I could actually meet him. But God works in mysterious ways; so he sent the one I thought does not exist, in the form of a fellow student standing just next to me . . . I have not only got to meet him, but also became the best friend. You had all that it takes and most importantly, you created belief in me towards human beings, being the best version of human I have seen . . . !

Needless to say, that was very important to me and I thank you very much for everything. I will not dare to give you any insights for life, for you are totally ready to face it and you are “complete” up to your single cell to steer it. Take the most out of it . . .!

“Chance is a word void of sense; nothing can exist without a cause . . .” said our mutual dear friend Voltaire. Therefore, me passing to the eternal life earlier and of course you being who you are; is clearly a part of a bigger plan of an advanced architect. Pursue it brother, pursue your destiny, for, it will lead you to leading people in numbers you cannot count, if not the whole humanity.

It was a pleasure . . . and always remember..!

Omnia vincit amor . . .

Gian Andrea

Well, thank you very much and we wish you all the luck..!

Thank you.