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This is the journey of a hero in the pursuit of human perfection, under the wings of the most advanced and powerful organization, in which he discovers that in the eternal battle of good and evil, “Love” is always the answer, regardless of what the question is…

Legend has it; a boy was born in the new millennium, in the heart of the land which was home to many civilizations and empires that shaped the known history, from Hittites to Trojans and Romans to Ottomans. He was destined to be greater than all the greats. The first and last true "Master" to pull the ropes that would move not only a city or a country, but the whole humanity.

His brilliance attracts the interest of the most sophisticated and powerful organization of the world, before he was even ten. He was chosen, taken care of and nurtured. And he surpasses all their expectations and proves he is not only gifted but also beyond their imaginations. He is the "One" they were seeking for decades.

This is the story of his amazing journey in pursuit of excellence and self discovery through intelligence and everything human. From high school to college and later to the top of the organization, every step of the way, the characters he meets, the experiences he goes through and things he sees turn his journey into an amazing adventure.

During his journey, he has many fellow travelers. They are colorful and strong characters. Some light some dark..! Most important one of them is “Sheena”, whom he falls in love with, when they were both kids. No matter what worlds throws them [hate, distance, enemies, loss of loved ones, struggles and battles] they catch it together. They endure severe hardships and witness extraordinary miracles, all the while encouraging them to respond and adapt to a colorful array of challenges that stand in their way, designed to draw out of Khan and Sheena the people they are capable of becoming…